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Enhancing Your Orgasms for Health

May 01, 2016 09:21PM

Sexual health is often overlooked in our society because it is a touchy subject, even though it is an integral part of who we are. These are some simple practices and exercises that will bring greater pleasure to life—as well as greater overall health.

Orgasms occur when we circulate sexual energy (the most powerful energy we possess) up through our bodies until it reaches the brain, where it then reverses course back to the genitals and rapidly expands into a wave of bliss, blocking out conscious thought.

There are methods and practices that not only enhance orgasms, but greatly expand them and use the energy from them to heal our minds, our bodies and our spirits. Though some women find difficulty in achieving orgasm, all women have the ability to experience orgasm. Some of these practices come from Tantra Yoga and Taoist traditions from China, and they all involve learning how to breathe.

Women often hold their breath during orgasms, forgetting to exhale. This causes tension between the body and the mind; the orgasm is “right there” just out of reach, and then it runs away. Learning to relax into the orgasm, breathing through it and making sound allows the orgasm to come to them, bigger and better than before.

Mark (Daka) Ray is a certified Tantra educator/healer, licensed massage therapist and Reiki Master. His wish is to share the sacred practices of Tantra with all who wish to find their wholeness, peace and pleasure, in living a fully expressed life, mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and sexually. Connect at 520-975-3961, [email protected] or

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