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Start a Love Affair — With Yourself

May 01, 2016 09:19PM ● By Kate McDavid

When was the last time you were fascinated and infatuated with yourself? In 2004, Dove commissioned a worldwide study (“The Real Truth About Beauty: A Global Report”) on how women relate to beauty. What they found was alarming. Only 4 percent of the women around the world would think of themselves as beautiful, but 80 percent agree that all women have something beautiful about them and do not see it.

The report concluded that programs for teens that centered on increasing self-esteem had a positive impact on that age group. But what about the women that went through adolescence and lost a lot of their self-confidence already? Borrowing some of those tips from the Dove teen programs, we can find things within to be fascinated and infatuated with, as adults. Here are just a few suggestions.

Consider your positive role models. Who are those women that you admire for qualities other than physical beauty? Whether it be someone you personally know or a public figure, think about what they have that intrigues you.

List at least 10 items you love about yourself that are not related to appearance. Do not hold back. This is not a time to be coy—just be honest. Read the completed list and celebrate each unique quality.

Think of three activities that make you feel feminine and delicious when you do them. This can range from having a massage to getting your nails done, or just having a bubble bath that is not interrupted by anyone needing you. Pick at least one a week and do it.

Kate McDavid, CH.t, is an Anam Cara that focuses on assisting women in starting a love affair with themselves. She can be contacted through Journey to Wellness at 520-730-0236. See ad, page 16.