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Sylvaine Francine Helps Clients with Allergies Enjoy the Desert in Bloom

May 01, 2016 08:45PM

As a spiritual counselor and doctor of chiropractic, Sylvaine Francine empowers her clients by freeing them from the emotional impact of traumas and helping them to find their joy, power and center. Besides specializing in stress release and teaching meditation, Francine is also an energy worker and helps her clients deal with their allergies.

“The desert in bloom is truly a beautiful sight, but unfortunately many among us suffer the yearly ailment of allergies,” says Francine. “I discover the reasons for one’s allergies, whether they are stemming from the environment, the genetic pool or the emotions. Blockages along the energy pathways create the perfect ground for creating and sustaining allergies.”

Aside from consultations, which she offers in person, by phone or Skype, Francine also facilitates a series of meditation classes, levels I and II, a weekly meditation gathering and a Master Mind class, where she teaches participants how to harness and protect their energy.

“My clients say, ‘It seems like a dream coming true. My allergies are gone. Spring is the most beautiful season now.’ It is wonderful to hear that children can go play soccer and ride their bicycles,” enthuses Francine.

For more information, call 206-501-7575 or visit

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