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Cleansing Constipation

Constipation is a reflection of diet, fluid, breathing, emotions, thoughts, genes and culture. The condition can be lifelong and the basis for other seemingly unrelated illnesses, or it can be short-term and have obvious and immediate causes. Others might cycle in and out of it, not knowing why it is happening.

According to Sylvester Yong, a doctor from Singapore overseeing a study on constipation and colon hydrotherapy, “Constipation is a problem that affects almost everyone at varying periods of their lives.” For many, constipation is the most common sign their digestive system is out of balance.

The most obvious signs are fatigue, bloating and brain fog. When we are constipated, we’re saturated with residue from the gut that has seeped into the bloodstream and lymph, lodging in cells and tissue. It’s no wonder we become tired and our favorite jeans don’t fit around the waist.

For women, there could be a number of causes relating to emotional or mental issues, trauma, poor lifestyle, diet, hydration or sexual and physical abuse. Constipation can lead to excess weight and gas and poor quality of life. It leads to poor habits, such as not exercising and overeating. It is embarrassing and hard to talk about.

Shea Shea, of the Intestinal Health Institute, offers clients cleanses, along with colon hydrotherapy, to help get their intestines moving and happy again.

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