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Book Helps Readers Release Old Wounds and Resentments

May 30, 2016 04:29PM

Molly Nelson

new Amazon #1 Best Seller by Molly Nelson, Living Happily Ever After: Releasing Wounds, Hurts and Resentments, offers genuine relief. The easy-to-use workbook format invites the reader to fill in the spaces with their own stories, allowing bitterness and suffering to fade. Nelson’s compassionate tone and step-by-step explanations guide the reader to experience life as a joyful adventure.

Beginning with the fourth step of the 12-step programs, Nelson has added new questions to create a process that leads the reader into deeper levels of self-understanding, through a process that releases bitterness and resentments, helping the reader lighten up and enjoy the future.

Guided investigation into six primary topics gives deep insight into what troubles and drives us. After the process comes the release. Here, the reader is asked to: see that the other person was doing the best they could, describe their point of view, list their good qualities, forgive, cut them loose, apologize for the pain that may have been caused, bless them, discover the gift or lesson, visualize, affirm and decide how they will behave in the future.

Personal stories of people who have resolved their resentments surround such topics as sibling rivalry, rejection by a lover, envy, jealousy, compulsive shopping, pack rat behavior, sexual abuse and a Vietnam veteran’s experience. These examples allow the reader to connect with their own pain, anguish and suffering.

For more information, call 520-488-8284, email [email protected] or visit LivingHappilyEverAfter.Life.

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