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Natural, Drugless Approach for Headache Sufferers

Jun 30, 2016 11:11PM

Many people suffer debilitating headaches that adversely affect their lives, and often depend on medications for relief. Whether tension headaches, cluster headaches, rebound headaches, migraines or others, there are many causes of headaches. By utilizing gentle upper neck adjusting, along with Science Based Nutrition, one may have great success in eliminating both headaches and excess medications.

The nerves from the upper neck travel into the head, and irritation of these nerves can cause pain in the head, especially the back of the head. Some people feel like they have been struck in the back of the head with a pipe or board. This irritation of the nerves going into the neck can be caused by misalignment of the upper neck vertebrae. Also, misalignment of the upper neck can affect the flow of blood in and out of the head. CT scans have shown a change in spinal fluid flow in and out of the head after an upper neck adjustment using the Atlas Orthogonal technique.

Often times, correcting the upper neck alignment alone will alleviate the problem. More difficult cases may also require an evaluation utilizing Science Based Nutrition, to discover if there are nutritional needs to help patients regain optimal health. This process involves blood tests, urinalysis and hair tests to evaluate levels of metals, minerals and more in the patient’s system which could be causing the problem.

Dr. Alan D. Cross has been practicing in Tucson since 1995. He offers the Atlas Orthogonal technique, and utilizes Science Based Nutrition. Connect at 520-797-4177, [email protected] or See ad, page 37.

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