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Empowering Youth through Dedication to Wonder

Aug 02, 2016 11:20AM ● By Linda Joy Stone

How do we empower youth? How do we bridge their technological captivation with the non-technical natural world? Who are the youth of today and what messages and teachings do they have for us adults? As reflections of their parents and ancestors, what dynamic influences might the young cultivate to create a bright new future?

As a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and reader of the Akashic Records, these are potent questions to ask with the purpose of discovering who we are, why we’re here and how we can learn to live in harmony with all generations. In Chinese medicine, we seek to balance Yin (nourishing and caring for our body/earth) and Yang (nourishing and expressing our mind/spirit). The Akashic or Unity Field acts as a “cosmic internet” to bring greater knowledge of the wherefore and the why.

It is very exciting and challenging to be living in such a complex high-tech age in which anything is possible. However, creating a thriving, sustainable future takes vision, and the challenge is to balance the ability to download limitless information (Yang/mind) with the dire necessity of caring for our fragile ecosystems (Yin/body).

Many adults express concern about the over-focus children and teenagers have with their games and devices. The kids can appear hypnotized by some other-worldly realm that may be affecting the development of their social skills. This is where parents, teachers and elders can step in to be conscientious guides to encourage creative expression, compassion and thoughtful attention that invite positive interactions with others.

Maintaining a sense of wonder and play is essential for all of us. It starts with the wonder at just being alive and becoming animated by the amazing natural world that surrounds us. Curiosity, amazement and enthusiasm are natural responses of the young that can sadly dissipate with the onset of puberty and the process of aging. Maybe it’s time for all of us to reclaim our child heart and to ask ourselves, “What do I desire?”, “What brings me joy?” or “What am I willing to dedicate myself and my life to?”

Maybe the most powerful gift we can offer the young and the envisioned new world is dedicating ourselves to beauty or peace or wonderment or joy. May we be a reflection of the world we want to see.

Linda Joy Stone, OMD, L.Ac., can be contacted at

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