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Personal Creativity Development and Healing Music in Tucson

Suzanne Grosvenor

premier intuitive music therapist, Suzanne Grosvenor is celebrating 40 years as a musical presence in Tucson. Grosvenor currently teaches Personal Creative Development with musicians, piano students and instrumentalists. Her other great passion is her work with Therapeutic Music Portrait sessions for clients seeking breakthrough and life change. Her therapeutic music work led to the new website, where listeners can browse music designed for promoting healing and self-development.

As a music teacher, Grosvenor takes a creative, intuitive approach and loves the process of bringing out the potential of musicians, as composers, arrangers, improvisation artists and performers. “Music is so wonderfully life enhancing and healing, if it were up to me, the exploration of music and arts would be a requirement for all children,” she says. “Music develops latent, higher potentials and intelligence.”

Those interested in therapeutic music can visit to participate in the Listening Test. Listeners are challenged to choose music that resonates for them, listen five hours a week or more, and note any life changes. Listening is free and music is downloadable for a small fee. By signing up for the mailing list, listeners will receive one complimentary music download.

Grosvenor is accepting new music students. She teaches in her home and at the Music and Arts School and Store, both in northwest Tucson.

For more information, call 520-229-6282, email [email protected] or visit See ad, page 33.

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