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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Using Spiritual Energy Transformation to Heal Our Own Life

Nov 01, 2016 07:10PM ● By Johanna Alley

Everyone has problems in life. Sometimes relationships aren’t working with partners, family, friends or coworkers. We are locked in destructive patterns and cannot seem to break them. It’s easy to feel that there just isn’t any help for these problems, but with Spiritual Energy Transformation, we have the potential to help ourselves.

Throughout history, mankind has had the belief in a higher power or source. Present day scientists are now studying this connection. Science is proving that we are electrical energy as particles and waves. We have an electrical and magnetic energy grid, in (chakras) and around (aura) our bodies. Matter is now recognized as a form of energy vibrating in different frequencies. Quantum physics is proving that we are all energetically interconnected through thought, i.e., quantum entanglement. Many believe that within our energy matrix reside our Higher Self, guides, angels and much other benevolent energy.

These energy signatures are with everyone in every life lived, working to guide and assist in the fulfillment of their life plan. The Guides patiently wait to be asked for assistance and then gently send messages via intuition to steer them in the right direction. But if they are not aware of these messages or ignore them, they don’t make the best choices. Their lives are so engaged in work, school, phones, etc. that they aren’t aware of or have forgotten that the energy they project is the energy they receive back, and vice versa. Negativity out, negativity in.

If all of this is true and we are spiritual energy in physical form, we can use this energy to heal ourselves. Spiritual Energy Transformation is a tool to bring clients back to the realization of their Source-given potential. During a session, the benevolent energies come in to use the facilitator as a conduit to relay guidance and intuition to which they have not been listening, and to bring healing energy where needed to diminish negative energy and/or amplify positive energy. This is not a “healing”, but a learning experience that will set a client on the healing path, an awakening to their own potential to heal. If the client is open to the guidance, transformation will occur.

Johanna Alley provides Spiritual Energy Transformation in Tucson. Connect at 520-370-1306 or Se ad, page 11.