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Healthy Computers Mean Healthy, Happy Owners

healthy computer will help create a sense of well-being and order in its owner. Don Gibbens, owner of GE Computing, offers the Cleanup-Speedup-Update service, which helps to make computer systems work like new and be less likely to be attacked.

“As I have worked with people and their computer systems, I’ve noticed that when the computer is acting unhealthy, the customers are acting unhealthy, also,” says Gibbens. “At the very least, when the computer is running slow, people get frustrated.”

A computer can stop working because of malware or hardware failure, which is why Gibbens says it’s important to have a backup of important data as a “safety net”. If a computer is stolen or hijacked, he can provide services to get one’s identity back, or to get them started with a “better than new” system that will shield them from future harm.

For more information, call 520-332-1485, email [email protected] or visit See ad, page 14.