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Advantages of Being a Very Sensitive Entrepreneur

Dec 01, 2016 12:32PM ● By Jeanette Gibler

Jeanette Gibler

Highly sensitive people are likely no strangers to being told that they are “too sensitive”. For many people, this comment feels like an insult, but in fact, there are some considerable advantages that come with being a highly sensitive person, and when we realize this, we can use them to build successful and fulfilling businesses.

Some advantages to being a highly sensitive person include: having emotional awareness and tuning into what is most needed in breakdown, to then achieve breakthrough; having keen insight into conflicting situations and being resolution oriented; being empathic and able to cultivate win/win/win outcomes; being highly intuitive; and being committed to creating dynamic, highly productive, value-based services and products.

Sensitive people make outstanding entrepreneurs when they learn how to develop these strengths, tap into their passions and utilize their keen insights. It begins with clarity and an understanding that they can build businesses from an inner-preneur prospective. When they align their passion projects and visions to deeper parts of themselves, they can create new businesses that haven’t yet been defined—ones that serve as a resolution in today’s quickly evolving world and have the ability to impact people at deep levels.

Jeanette Gibler is a Transformational Guide, Life and Entrepreneurial Coach, facilitator and teacher with 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur/innerpreneur. Connect at 520-730-9277 or [email protected]. See ad, page 14.

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