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Overcoming Depression and Anxiety

Dec 01, 2016 03:44PM ● By Joanne Haupert

Though depression is very common, 34 percent of Americans think depression is a personal weakness. Far from it. Some great leaders such as Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill suffered with depression and still were able to do incredible things. One factor often overlooked is the health of our nervous system. Trauma and/or chronic stress can cause the nervous system to be in a constant state of fight-or-flight. This can definitely cause or contribute to depression, anxiety and other illnesses.

There are some easy ways to know if one’s nervous system could be stuck in fight-or-flight patterns, such as: if the mind won’t shut off; there is difficulty relaxing, sleeping or concentrating; balance is challenged; or if someone suffers from poor digestion, poor posture or chronic pain. Having the spine evaluated by a chiropractor can lead to great health changes.

Below are some action steps that can be taken to reduce or prevent depression and anxiety, as well as their benefits.

• Help someone else. Gain a sense of purpose, connection and distraction from problems.

Smile in the mirror. Raise self-esteem.

Breathing exercise (4-4-4). Calming, reduces blood pressure and lessens anxiety.

Reduce gluten and refined sugar. Leads to less inflammation and less toxicity.

Meditate 5 minutes or more. Relaxation, better able to control attention.

Exercise 10 minutes or more. Increase serotonin and focus, lower blood pressure.

Reduce TV time. Keeps the brain active and healthy.

Sleep 8 hours. Less sleep acts like taking antidepressants.

Get vitamin D (best from sunshine). Important in so many reactions in body.

Spinal care. Relexation, efficiency, connection, and promotes healing.

Get out in nature. Promotes healing, lowers anxiety and stress

Pet an animal. Connection, joy, contribution.

Dr. Joanne Haupert, chiropractor, has helped many people overcome depression and anxiety. She gives bimonthly presentations on depression as well as many other health tips. Connect at 520-584-0343 or