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Intestinal Crossfit Core Training

Colon hydrotherapy is a core training therapy that gives the intestines a workout—a “crossfit gym” for intestinal health. Each session is designed to hydrate, activate and eliminate. The process exercises gut muscles, allowing for the release of toxins, waste and gas. It introduces low-pressure water into the bowel, releases water out of the bowel and is accompanied by abdominal massage techniques, which enhance activation with the use of hands and massage tools.

The majority of clients enter the intestinal “crossfit colonic gym” as a beginner. The intestinal muscles, nerves, enzymes, microbes and hormones have been weakened. The metabolic belly, the abdominal visceral fat, the distended abdomens on men and women fit the beginner intestinal crossfit model. The fats and tissues are in a toxic inflammatory mode. Many cannot feel their gut.

The best preparation for a session is the parasympathetic nervous state: breath, laughter, optimism, rest, relaxation and appreciation. The recipient gets in touch with the internal feelings and sensations in the gut. They have the potential of becoming an Intestinal Ninja Warrior by working on their core strength. In today’s health climate, having a consistent healthy bowel movement takes core strength. Like winners on American Ninja Warrior, the recipient works out to attain their goals. Colon hydrotherapy is a powerful process to activate and strengthen the internal intestinal muscles and to attain Intestinal Ninja-hood.

Sheila Shea is the director of Intestinal Health Institute, with 40 years as a board certified colon hydrotherapist. She is a certified GAPS Practitioner and an expert in detoxification and metabolic syndrome. Connect at 520-325-9686, [email protected] or See ad, page 32.