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Receive Guidance from Spiritual Energy Transformation

Spiritual Energy Transformation, in Tucson, is offering a $15 discount for sessions booked during the month of February. The practice, run by Johanna Alley, offers personal sessions to receive guidance from Higher Self, Guides, Angels and other loving energies. These energies wish for all to have loving relationships in every lifetime and may have guidance not received.

In the relaxed, meditative state of a Spiritual Energy Transformation session, these answers can be accessed. Past Life Regression can offer insights into lifetimes that may have led to accumulated cell memory from failed relationships, making it difficult to sustain current relationships. These painful life events may also have left the chakras blocked. Regression, where these relationships are experienced, many times makes it easy to release those cell memories and unblock the chakras—leading to loving, healthy relationships.

“Many see friends and family spend Valentine’s Day with someone they care about and wonder, ‘Why don’t I have this? What is wrong with me?’ Why wait any longer? Perhaps now, this moment, is a good time to find those answers and begin making positive changes in life. One cannot change a problem that one does not recognize,” says Alley.

For more information, call or text 520-370-1306, email [email protected] or visit

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