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Tell a New Story: Excerpt from Love Yourself Sacred

Feb 28, 2017 06:55PM ● By CJ Walker

How hung up are you in your story of who you are? We all have a story to tell. Most of us identify ourselves with the events and tragedies that we have experienced. We attach ourselves to these memories and make them a banner that we proudly wear and proclaim ourselves to be. How often do you beat the drum of something that really doesn’t serve you by telling everyone you come into contact with about your story?

But it is real, you say. It happened to me and this is why I am the way I am. I am a victim and I deserve to be heard. All of us have had our hardships; some of us have experienced horrendous pain and suffering. All of that is very, very real, no getting around it; however, so many people stay stuck in their miserable experiences.

Many us of live our entire lives as victims of some past event, however horrible or trivial it was that happened to us.

If we continually imprint into our energy fields, that which we no longer are or choose to be, that which does not serve us, we cannot evolve. This is old energy and does not serve us in our evolving society. If you need to be heard, tell your story one last time and then be done with it. Begin to tell a new story. Rather than lament of the woes and hardships you have lived through, begin to put your focus on what you want to be experiencing instead. What do you want your life to look like? If thoughts and emotions create your reality, I hope you can you see how damaging that continuing to tell your old story is for you.

We have been trained as a society to tell our stories over and over again. We even get rewarded for it in many instances. We often use our stories as leverage to get what we want. In order to move past it, you may need to be brutally honest with yourself as to your reluctance in giving up your story. How has it served you?

As we learn to refocus our thoughts and direct our energy inward, we begin to step into our true power.

Moving forward, please be mindful about every word that passes from your lips. Know that your spoken words are as powerful as a prayer and be very selective about what you choose to speak about yourself or others. Choose to speak only uplifting sentences about your life, your goals, your current reality to all but your most trusted confidants–and even then, please limit the amount of negativity that you choose to convey about yourself, your past and even your current situation. Step out of the victim mode and tell a new story.

CJ Walker is the author of Love Yourself Sacred and holds monthly Love Yourself Sacred meetings the first Thursday of every month at Unity Church of Tucson. For more information about group and personal spiritual healing sessions, connect at 520-444-7525, [email protected] or See ad, page 16.

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