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Qigong: A State of Being

What is the qigong state and how does it affect one’s own state of being? Qigong has been around for thousands of years and has been used to alter one’s state in many different ways. The practice itself uses specific movements, breathing techniques, visualizations and meditations.

Simply doing the movements alone will automatically move the qi (chi) around the body in a harmonious way while quieting the mind. It then adds powerful visualizations, like seeing oneself as a graceful and beautiful bird while practicing Immortal Crane Drinking Water. Combined with deep belly breathing, this puts one in a qigong state where the whole sense of being enters a state of bliss. Healing and universal information can softly enter the body, removing blockages and providing the practitioner with a calmness that can power one through life’s daily challenges. This, however, is not the real purpose of higher level qigong practices. These are simply the side effects of a powerful qigong practice.

Qigong allows us to reach such a calm state that the very core of our being starts raising its own internal qi, providing more power for one’s own soul to develop and grow to a higher level. Qigong is a spiritual practice meant to help us develop our spirit and truly know who we are. The connection one feels with the Earth, universe and all life around us helps to move one away from the third density and toward the fifth density. Living in fear of any sort, whether it’s terrorism, man-made or natural disasters, or the ever present political chaos, holds one back in the third density. Staying in the joy, calmness and compassion of the fifth density allows one to navigate the 3D world and continue to move forward into the fifth density.

Frighetti teaches qigong practice at Desert Milagros, 3438 North Country Club Road, in Tucson, from 7 to 8:45 p.m., on Thursdays. For more information, call 520-404-8745, email [email protected] or visit

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