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Craniosacral Therapy in Water

Mar 30, 2017 10:24PM ● By Jeff Rogers

At the beginning of the Connective Tissue chapter of Deane Juhan’s book, Job’s Body, is a joke:

“What is a human being?”

“A human being is a container invented by water so that it can walk around.”

The nature of cerebrospinal fluid is stillness. Being in water, and the gentle pressure holding and embracing the body, the buoyancy of the environment, the support of water, the absence of gravity, the dance of fluid, membrane and bone takes on a whole new dynamic.

Using noodles to assist in floating in the pool, the input of sound and the need to hold ourselves upright falls away. Space is opened up in the joints as the client begins to give in to the embrace of the water and the cranial rhythm comes to the fore. In such a setting, each client/patient is given the opportunity to connect with their own biological wisdom, also known as “The Inner Physician”—a term coined by Dr. John Upledger.

As the therapist melds with the quiet rhythm of the craniosacral system, an hour session in the water can have a similar effect as a number of hours on a table. One of the cornerstones of all the various schools of craniosacral therapy is this: rather than being a therapist-directed modality, it is rather a client-directed approach.

Jeff Rogers has been a student of craniosacral therapy since 1991, studying and working with Dr. John Upledger. He shares a practice with his wife and partner, Kris Schaefer, in the Tucson Acupuncture Co-op, located at 204 E. Ft. Lowell. Connect at 520-990-5865 or

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