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Top 14 Reasons to Focus on Compassion

Mar 30, 2017 10:45PM ● By Teresa Cowan Jones

1. Compassion is critical at this time in history; it is a necessity to build global community with mutual respect, end violence and foster unity among humanity.

2. Compassion now has scientifically researched benefits.

3. Compassion increases our health and longevity.

4. Compassion increases our happiness.

5. Compassion may increase productivity, for research shows happiness to be the most productive state.

6. Compassion increases our sense of having more time.

7. Compassion spreads and increases societal well-being.

8. Compassion is the human capacity that precedes authentic, sustained civility, respect and collaboration.

9. Compassion is a powerful way to unify a populace, as it suggests caring for those who are different than oneself, outside of one’s own tribe.

10. Compassion can connect to people’s value of responsibility and thereby function to unify political parties.

11. Compassion is the cornerstone of collaborative, transformational leadership, the type of leadership critical now.

12. Compassion enables positional leaders to yield influence and provide effective leadership.

13. Compassion won’t grow by sheer volition, but by concentrated practice.

14. Compassion is natural, effective and a skill that can be developed.

Teresa Cowan Jones is Director of Sacred Space, in Tucson. All are welcome to develop compassion at Sacred Space, at 4 p.m. every Sunday, at Ward 6 office (3202 E. Speedway). Connect at

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