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Myofascial Release

Mar 30, 2017 10:38PM ● By Zachary M. Saber

Massage comes in all forms, from relaxation to deep forms of restructuring body work. If it involves using the hands, it’s referred to as massage. All of it is healing—each to its own degree and necessity, which is determined by the client’s needs.

In utilizing myofascial release (a generic term), a practitioner focuses on fascial tissue (fluid tissue that surrounds all muscles and organs allowing them to move without sticking) by removing emotional attachments associated with that pain, discomfort, limited range of motion or other issue. The client is coached, both physically and verbally, into releasing issues and/or emotions, thereby allowing them to release the adhesions (physically and emotionally) that cause limitations by displaying as pain, stiffness, inability to move, lack of energy and even depression. As most depression is caused by chronic inflammation in the body, this process allows us to create space, move fluids and decrease inflammation.

As we change physically, we are changing internally as well as emotionally. we are releasing the emotional attachment to injury/pain or experience. Perhaps one wants to become more free to experience life more fully. They can release issues, emotions, limitations, anxieties and fears that are locked in the soft tissues and muscles. They can remove fright/flight/freeze/fight from their immediate response mechanisms. They can even move past the PTSD symptoms and trauma remnants to be able to live the life they want to live.

This process can hurt in the sense that if there is pain in the part of the body that is being worked, pain will be released. To be released, the pain is felt, and then it’s gone. People with emotional issues can learn how to physically “feel” their bodies, not just express descriptions they’ve heard. Any time an uncomfortable zone is hit, it’s clear that changes are happening and new avenues are being explored.

While all people do not get the same results, there are always positive results. A newfound freedom of movement, of breathing, less pain or no pain, increased range of motion and increased energy are always improvements. Any one patient’s results are based on their origin of concern, experiences, willingness to release and attitude. Each person is assessed by the practitioner to see what their body needs, based on client input, client history and client structural analyses.

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