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Keep Air Quality with AM Heating and Cooling

Tracked in pollutants such as pollen or dust can diminish the quality of a home’s air. AM Heating and Cooling can help keep air fresh and provide a better living environment for a business or home. They offer indoor air quality products, including the Air Scrubber Plus.

The Air Scrubber Plus reduces harmful airborne contaminants and is designed to eliminate indoor air quality risks by reducing pollutants, dust, pollen, odors caused by pets and cooking. It works 24/7 in a living/working environment in collaboration with an HVAC system, reducing contaminants that can aggravate allergy symptoms, sinus problems, fatigue and headaches, all while protecting the expensive HVAC system. “It extends the life of your existing heating and cooling system by trapping debris before it enters the filter, minimizing damage to the AC components such as the coils and blower,” says Natalia Rodriguez, owner of AM Heating and Cooling.

There is no need to install a new heating/cooling system to use this technology. It can be attached to an existing HVAC unit and used with any existing heating/cooling system. The Air Scrubber Plus does not use any extra power, and there is no extra maintenance required.

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