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5 Ways to Build Commitment Toward Desired Results

Mar 30, 2017 10:54PM ● By Denisse Cabrera

We have been taught to believe that hope is a noble and worthwhile emotion. While there are instances where that is certainly still true, when it comes to getting ourselves to move forward in areas that have yet to manifest, it can prove more hindrance than ally.

Bold statement ahead: Hope robs us of our ability to take responsibility for our lives. Hope makes us passive onlookers of our own lives rather than active participants. “I hope I lose weight this year”, “I hope my finances improve”, “I hope my business/project is successful”, “I hope my relationship gets better”… These statements go unchecked and we lose sight of the power we have over the outcome.

When we commit to something no matter what, we don’t have to rely on hope. Commitment is the opposite of hope. “I am committed to losing weight this year”, “I am committed to improving my finances”, and so on. With the conviction of commitment over hope, we can be active creators in our lives. Here are five ways to build commitment toward desired results.

1. Notice where you’ve given over areas of your life to hope. These may not be easy to spot at first, but look to areas you feel irritated about, complain about, feel like you have “settled” or resigned.

2. Take inspired action. Commitment isn’t about massive “push” action, it’s about small changes over time, ones that help us stay consistent toward progress.

3. Get other people involved in the commitment—family, friends, coaches, counselors, co-workers. There is power in sharing your commitment with others, because it is as if you are entering into a commitment with them that you will create new results.

4. Track your progress. This can be with a simple check-mark on a calendar or journaling to see that you are actively engaged in creating different results. Tracking is a visual reminder that you are committed to something new in life.

5. Celebrate. Know that by transforming hope into commitment, you will see desired results, not only in the area you chose to commit to, but also in other areas of life.

Denisse Cabrera, RN, is a Certified Integrative Life Coach and Functional Medicine Health Coach. Using science, intuition and fun, she helps clients find relief in health, relationships and career where they may have been struggling for years. Connect at 520-979-4600, [email protected] or See ad, page 26.

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