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Workshop: The Energy of Lack and Embodying Enlightenment

Yasmina Bauernfeind

Yasmina Bauernfeind will host a retreat and workshop, The Energy of Lack and Embodying Enlightenment, May 10 to 14, in Sedona. The retreat, one component of a two-part adventure into the magic of sensual embodiment, is a visceral journey into the magic of a limitless existence, a return to our true state of being. The event reaches out to those who have gone into conscious awakening and feel the need to move deeper into the ultimate mystery of their existence.

“Awakening is just a beginning. Enlightened embodiment is the next step,” says Bauernfeind. Her approach emerges from the core of Creation and has never engaged in methods, programs or techniques of the new-age self-help arena, nor has she used traditional paths and approaches for liberation. Her life is about the New Energy and her presence on the planet has helped to bring about the New Earth, which is taking shape at this time.

Bauernfeind was born awake, yet her life contract included walking the timeline in partial forgetfulness for greater understanding of the human condition. It was 1979 when she experienced full enlightenment again. In 2002, after years of work as an international filmmaker, she began working with groups and individuals.

Eachday of the retreat is comprised of three passages of facilitation: teaching (presentations and insights of the New Energy), exploration (communing with Gaia’s crystalline support) and merger (anchoring through yoga).

During the morning, Bauernfeind will give insights on the key arena of consciousness—what it is and what it is not. In the afternoon “exploration”, participants will learn about Gaia and how she holds tremendous reservoirs of crystalline essentials within her womb that encompass the material foundations and building blocks for the New Earth.

“In this year, all of existence is moving into the New Energy. In this process, the New Earth and the old are separating. It is the New Energy now that dictates Reality—whatever does not align is being dismantled. When we exist from this place, deeply ‘understand’ and resonate its potentiality, we dictate our reality in the same way,” explains Bauernfeind. “We are exploring these potentials in direct communication with Gaia’s presence within the sacred spaces and vortexes of Sedona.”

In the evening, a unique style of hatha yoga will be offered through Ayla, a young and gifted teacher. Ayla’s yoga is one of a delicate balance between effort and surrender. Those two qualities are essential during our emergence into enlightenment. “When we physically experience this gentle dynamic, our biology starts to ‘understand’ on a deep cellular level,” says Bauernfeind.

Mastery in embodied enlightenment is more than a hype of some buzz words and the accumulation of spiritual information,” she says. “Indeed, it is a new life-form that is waiting for us to be embraced with expanded sensuality, visceral passion and rich pleasure.”

As we pull out from the grips of the distorted matrix we are naturally becoming more aware of the presence of lack, or absence, in our lives. According to Bauernfeind, lack is a teacher of duality, a gatekeeper of the animated hologram we still call “reality”. Whether we lack energy, safety, health or money, the underlying nature of lack always keeps a much vaster context under lock.

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