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Gain Leverage in Any Goal, Endeavor or Circumstance

We often think that more action is required when we aren’t reaching the success we want to see. While more action certainly can offer more results, sometimes it can actually delay the result we crave. There is a simpler way. A lot of research has come about regarding energy-medicine as well as energy-shifting.

We have human bodies that are surrounded by an energetic field (the debate is still out on how far it really extends), and this energetic field is constantly interacting with our surroundings. Learning to leverage this energetic field toward any goal we have does propel it forward at a much faster rate and feels good in the process.

Sometimes we find that more action doesn’t actually feel good; it can lead to overwhelm, confusion and indecision. So how do we tap into this invisible part of ourselves for maximum benefit? When we set out to accomplish any goal, we need to identify what feeling it is that we are after. The simplest way to categorize any goal we set is to identify whether we are: a) moving toward pleasure (better feelings) or b) away from pain (negative feelings). Once the feeling is identified, work toward generating it ahead of time.

So, if it is weight loss you want to feel more confident, begin engaging in thoughts or activities that already generate confidence. Rather than focusing on how bad you feel because of all the foods you “shouldn’t be having”, see yourself already having lost five pounds. This is creating results based on where we “live” energetically.

In other words, if our energy is parked in negative emotion, that is where we are creating from. If nothing else, we are creating more resistance to what we do want, while parking our energy in positive emotion opens the flow to what we want and decreases resistance. Give it a try for two weeks and see goals reach improved results.

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