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A Prayer of Peace

Oct 01, 2017 03:35PM ● By Nita Strauss

Each time we learn of more tragic events in the news, it’s hard not to feel a heaviness in our hearts. We cannot control the outer events in the world—but we can choose our response, and our response must be love. We are called to be peacemakers. No matter what, we will never bring peace if our hearts are filled with hate. No matter how much hate we see or experience, we cannot hate back.

Being a peacemaker does not mean we tolerate or excuse hateful actions on the part of others. Being a peacemaker does not mean we ignore the events in the world. Being a peacemaker means we behave in ways that cultivate peace. We are not required to put up with hatred, but we are called to respond with love. We are called to remember that we can always choose to express good.

There is a collective consciousness of humankind. If we return hate for hate, we have only increased the amount of hate in that collective consciousness. The only way we will ever lighten the collective consciousness of humankind is by contributing love. We must forgive.

It is up to those of us who do know to honor the precious divinity within all beings. Even those who are so very, very, terribly misguided in their actions. No matter how it is expressing, no matter how tragic the circumstances. All beings wish to be safe, wish to be happy, wish to be loved, wish to know good in their lives.

In addition to the cultural and societal events, we are each dealing with our own personal challenges. Many are facing difficult personal journeys, or perhaps walking alongside loved ones as they face tremendous challenges. Again, we must not hate the situations or circumstances of our lives. This is only adding more hate.

I hope you will each join me in prayers of peace for all beings everywhere. In this moment, perhaps you will pause, center yourself and simply cultivate gratitude for the good which is present in your life. You are here, breathing air, with the amazing privilege of enjoying this human life.

Allow yourself to cultivate gratitude. Pause, and imagine the blessings of this moment flowing forth from your calm center of peace, radiating to all of those you love. Allow this sense of well-being to flow forth to all of those who impact your life in any way, whether they sell you groceries, deliver your mail or cash your check at the bank.

Allow this sense of well-being and gratitude to surround those with whom you share difficult relationships, as well. Perhaps not quite so easy, but really, they are not so different from you. There are probably people on the planet who might have difficulty wishing you well, but what a gift their willingness would be. In this moment, allow your own willingness to wish others well to include all of those affected by the violence and chaos in the world, whether victim or perpetrator. Allow yourself to remember that—no matter the appearance—we are not separate from one another.

Let us join together in this prayer of peace. This is not a prayer asking for peace to be given to us, because peace is already present within each and every one of us. It is a prayer of willingness to be that which we are, and of willingness to allow those who appear to be “others” to discover their innate goodness as well. Until we can see their goodness, they will not be able to see it, either.

Nita Strauss is the Spiritual Leader of Unity Spiritual Center of Peace, 1551 S Eastside Loop, #121, 85710. Connect at 520-546-3696. [email protected]. See ad, page 33.

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