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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Natural Living Directory 2018

With the birth of a New Year and a metaphorical new start, Natural Awakenings has unveiled a new look. As you page through its contents, you may notice the subtle yet strategically thought-out upgrades in appearance. As always, NA publishes the most viable information to keep you apprised of leading-edge preventive, health promoting and gracefully aging techniques, technologies, products and services for your immediate use.

But more importantly, this issue is special because it is our annual Natural Living Directory! This publication belongs to our healthy living community, as the go-to resource in Tucson for holistic living. The magazine is truly embraced by the community, as seen by their loyal participation. We appreciate the support of readers, advertisers and all of our knowledgeable and talented contributors.

In these pages, we’ve compiled an extensive list of healthy living practitioners and business owners in the area. Keep this issue close all year long, and you’ll have excellent, healthy recommendations at your fingertips. Make sure you grab a few copies for your friends and family to have on hand—and don’t worry, we print extra copies of this important issue so you can share the wealth. This yearlong resource is also available online at

The Health and Wellness Directory, starting on page 30, will be your comprehensive guide to Tucson’s best in wellness, from Acupuncture to Yoga. Taking a look through these pages can help you find your next healing modality, or teach you about a practice that you didn’t know was available to you and your family. Also peruse our Practitioner Profiles, where you’ll get to meet many of Tucson’s best in more detail.

To a great 2018, full of boundless possibilities,