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Qigong: A Simple Life Science Explained

Jan 31, 2018 03:32PM ● By Mark Frighetti

Qigong is practiced by millions worldwide. Many do it for health, or to build strength and stamina, some for the profound meditative state you can achieve—but even fewer though do it with the intention of self-development. What is self-development? How is it applied to everyday life?

Like qigong, we can consider wine tasters as an example of a simple life science. With just a sip of wine, a wine taster’s tongue can notice many delicate flavors, the boldness or acidity of specific wines. In many cases, this science may have taken years to develop. Like using the tongue as in wine tasting, an Herbalist that has studied qigong and developed their tongue to such a point that when they touch a green leaf to it, they know that this part of the plant will warm the kidney or cool the blood, relieve pain, even move qi up or down. This knowing of how plants affect the living being is much more accurate than a trial-and-error way. It requires dedication and consistent practice, but the rewards are monumental.

In a similar way, qigong can develop your being to a higher level. For example, Palms of Buddha Observing Images, a level one exercise, is very powerful in training the hands to feel and “see”. This effect would greatly aid many healing modalities as well as being used in creativity for an artist or musician. Qigong is versatile in many walks of life.

The heart is a very powerful organ of the human being. How open and full of love would the heart be from a qigong practice and what might develop? That is for the student to learn as some things are meant to be experienced and discovered. 

Many high level spiritual teachers have said that the Earth has moved forward into the fifth density. Can a qigong practice connect and move us toward this as well?

Mark Frighetti, a qigong teacher/practitioner, was introduced to qigong in 1998. He began teaching ZY Qigong in 2004 and is certified to teach levels 1, 2 and 3. He continues to learn from his teacher Grand Master Mintang Xu, the current linage holder of ZY Qigong, and stays connected to the qigong community. Frighetti teaches ZY qigong at Desert Milagros, in Tucson, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. every Thursday. Connect at 520-404-8745, or

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