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Helping Hands in Year of the Brown Earth Dog

Jan 31, 2018 03:29PM ● By the Tao Time Guide

The Chinese Lunar Year of the Yang Brown Earth Dog begins on February 16, at the second new moon after the solstice. Expect the year to be a good year in all aspects, and an exhausting year. There will be happiness and frustration, restfulness and tiredness, cheerfulness and dullness. Now is the time to establish personal balance because dog energy will push and pull in all directions.

    Following a year of the attention-getting Rooster, the Brown Dog’s male energy accelerates the initiation of all things, often bringing pressure and stress to everyday life. To balance this relentless drive, the Earth element requires a need for solitude and reflection, even where it must begin with a growl and showing of teeth to set the boundary.

    Dog month is the tenth moon, October on the Western calendar. Fruits on the tree are ripe, ready for the harvest not to be missed. The metaphor for a diligent spirit is complete the cycle in a timely manner for the greatest benefit. Planning is long past, there’s no wiggle room for postponing and negligence—like missing the harvest, leading to loss. Dog energy is attentive to what is in front of their noses, where the action is.

    The Dog takes a stand of a strong belief in justice and of following the rules of fair play. This deep moral sense also makes the Dog honest and loyal. Dog’s loyalty is admirable because it is grounded in belief. Brown Earth Dog is the immovable mountain of right thinking, right action where everything rests on a bedrock of nowness.

    Dogs have the ability to save themselves in almost any situation by applying their natural, practical smarts. Very talented and perceptive with many great life skills, the Brown Earth Dog is professionally efficient and proactive at work. When called on they bring organizational skills with a knack for controlling chaos, using a logical approach and commitment to bring about order and fair play. Dogs are not always leaders themselves but will be close to leaders, who can count on the Dog to save the day.

    Skilled in meditation, the Earth Dog remains pragmatic, calm and serene. The Earth Dog may seem to be reserved and quiet at times yet they have a persuasive manner and usually reach their goals with the greatest of ease. They are kind and generous and are always ready to lend a helping hand to others. Always cautious and alert, sometimes undecided, the Earth Dog stands his ground when he feels threatened or betrayed by someone he had previously gratified with his friendship.

    To harness the Brown Earth Dog influence to your advantage, be wise about your ways. Timeliness, devotion, quick response and integrity are tenants of the Dog belief system. Setting boundaries, establishing personal standards and acting from personal values is the beginning of attracting Brown Earth Dog loyalty.

    The Brown Earth Dog is pulling the action forward, nudging it to initiate movement. Personal balance will keep you on your feet. When you stumble, know it is time to rest and rejuvenate. Dog energy will be there when you return renewed.

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