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Window Cleaning in Arizona: When & Why

When it comes to proper window maintenance, many homeowners tend to not understand why and when they should have their windows cleaned, says Jack Baker, owner of Marine Clean Windows. “Thus, many new customers ask how often they should have their windows cleaned.  Biannual is the standard,” he says. “At least one exterior clean before monsoon season and a full clean (inside and out) in the fall. The reason for a full clean in the fall is due to a summer that generally produces a lot of cleanup in the wake of bugs and dust.”

Depending on living conditions such as having many family members, indoor pets, or a lot of cobweb and dust issues, two full cleans each year may want to be considered. Cleaning the exterior of windows should be a priority since the exterior receives the most abuse from Mother Nature.

Window cleaning done on a regular basis helps prevent hard water deposits from becoming an issue and screens receive a thorough cleaning, which helps cut down on the dust in the home when windows are opened. When it comes to scheduling, window cleaning every six months is most popular, followed by once every four months.

In Arizona, those worried about the monsoon season (June 15 to September 30), should plan regularly scheduled window cleaning between October 1 and June 15. To help with scheduling, Marine Clean Windows provides hassle-free scheduling by giving a reminder call when clients are due for their next window cleaning.

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