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Healthy Couples Offers New Listening Service

Mar 29, 2018 09:14PM

Bill White

Healthy Couples is offering a new listening service for individuals at a special rate of $1 per minute. These sessions can be in person, over the phone or via Skype. Bill White, a seasoned relationship and communication coach, says most people are not good listeners. It can be difficult to find someone who will just listen while we sort ourselves out.

“Do you ever feel you need to express yourself without the other person giving advice, interrupting, talking about what they want to talk about, judging you, and/or getting distracted and not really listening? Do you feel you could come to your own conclusions and feel better if you could just let yourself vent without having to monitor it so it comes out right or respectfully? Would you like the listener to validate or re-state your messages so you know you’re heard?” questions White.

White is offering all the time needed to talk, vent and, if desired, get some advice from a great listener. He will not get in the way as you express, and once you’ve initially vented, if White needs clarification to understand your message better, he will ask questions. If you feel you would like his input, he will provide that as well.

In addition, White is offering initial individual sessions for couples at the same rate of $1 a minute. Usually the couple’s coaching goes much smoother if White has first had an opportunity to get to know each person of a couple separately, without having to balance listening to two people who need to express initial concerns. And, some things are initially much easier said to the relationship coach than to one’s partner.

For more information, call 520-319-9132, email [email protected] or visit

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