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Find the Right Naturopathic Medicine in Tucson

May 02, 2018 10:40PM

DeeAnn Saber

The right integrative, naturopathic physician is out there for everyone. Transformational Medicine, in Tucson, offers a wide range of integrative, naturopathic and functional medicine practitioners who specialize in various areas of health. Most NDs and NMDs are also willing to work with one’s other primary doctors. 

“Are you looking for a doctor who really listens? One who is interested in you as a whole person,  not just your symptoms? Have you considered integrative care, naturopathic medicine or functional medicine?” queries Dr. DeeAnn Saber. “All of these labels encompass a wide range of options for anyone young or old. Functional medicine is a newer idea on what naturopathic medicine always has been—about treating the whole person and finding the underlying cause.”

Many naturopaths specialize just like MDs. Transformational Medicine is home to homeopathic specialists, Drs. Samuel and Lila Flagler; women’s health specialists, Dr. Judy Gianni and Dr. Nancy Aton; Dr. DeeAnn Saber, who specializes in endocrinology and functional medicine; Dr. Stephanie Stark, pediatrics; Dr. Lance Morris, Sound Therapy; and a Naturopathic Oncologist, Dr. Michael Uzick.

“The wonderful thing about these medical modalities is that the doctors really will listen and do all they can to help you feel better, and to hopefully help you heal from the inside out, not just offer quick fixes like drugs or surgery,” says Saber. Check out the American Association for Naturopathic Physicians ( or the Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association ( to find the right local doctor.

Location: Transformational Medicine, 3861 N. First Ave., Tucson. For more information, call 520-209-1755, email [email protected] or visit See ad, page 3. 

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