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Sylvia Boyed Heals All Ages with Energetic Restructuring

Sylvia Boyed

Sylvia Boyed, MA, a licensed massage therapist and certified craniosacral therapist, has worked in the bodywork field for 11 years, with two years of study with the Barral Institute in Visceral Manipulation. She treats such conditions as postural misalignment, joint reconstruction, head injuries, migraine headaches, vertigo, tinnitus, muscle and skeletal pain, intestinal issues, bladder related problems, COPD and other lung disorders. Specializing in pediatric craniosacral therapy, in the area of pediatrics for babies and children, she treats such conditions as colic, sleep disturbance, hyperactivity, learning disabilities, neurological conditions, digestive issues, headaches and migraines.

Boyed’s scope of practice is the energetic restructuring of the whole body, which enables healing to a specific area. Over the last 10 years of practice, Boyed has observed people’s lives shift and become more integral as their bodies and spirits heal. She offers a way to heal for those who are seeking not just relief from pain physically, but also for those who may be on a new threshold of discovering greater meaning and understanding through their trauma.

“I am able to diffuse and remove the deepest layers of constriction of the body and effectively alter the various organs and systems, where they are compromised,” explains Boyed. “An excess of scar tissue, regenerated within the body, often constricts and compresses the spine and viscera at the deepest levels of the body. When these regions are opened and expanded, the whole of the body changes and acquires greater freedom of movement, circulation and function. Therefore, my practice, I consider a very functional energetic form of medicine.”

Location: The Center For Healing Arts, 3333 N. Campbell Ave.,Ste. 12, Tucson. For more information, call 520-370-3689 or visit See ad, page 32. 

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