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Children’s Sensory Learning Program

Amy Thomas

Arizona Vision Therapy is now offering the Sensory Learning Program for children, an international program that is a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical, non-
traditional treatment that connects the visual, auditory and balance systems. Through the use of passive light, sound and movement therapy that takes place on a therapeutic bed, the program helps children integrate the sensory messages they receive through sight, sound and their body. Limited spots are available in the summer program.

“Does your child fall often, touch everything, hate being touched or have a lot of tantrums? There may be a sensory processing problem. The Sensory Learning Program can help,” says Dr. Amy Thomas, a board-certified optometrist experienced in vision development and rehabilitation. “Within 30 days, you can tap into your child’s sensory issues and help your child make sense of his world. Many families who come for treatment are at their wit’s end trying to figure out why their child is just not ‘getting it’.”

Although sensory issues tend to happen in children (and adults) who are otherwise typical, it is also commonly found in gifted children, those on the autistic spectrum, those with attention deficit disorder, brain injuries, developmental delays, problems with athletic performance and other syndromes that affect how the senses coordinate with each other.

Call today at 520-886-8800 for more information or visit our website at to make a step in the right direction for your child. See ad, page 12.