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Natural Awakenings Tucson

June 2018 Letter From Publisher

June in Tucson, though it may the hottest month of the year, still boasts plenty of fun indoor and outdoor activities and opportunities. That’s part of what makes Tucson a “livable community”, like the other major cities highlighted on page 20 for making life easier, healthier and more enjoyable for its people.

We have plenty of options in our area to try new things. It’s a good time to take on inside events and perhaps a good time to try out that class you have had your eye on, perfect your yoga practice or try something new. Perhaps a float? A new spiritual practice? Develop your listening skills? Summer is a great time to shore up our skills and grow ourselves.

See our calendar, on page 40, to find some local events and classes that will help expand your horizons this month.

In “Running with the Kids”, page 34, Marlaina Donato discusses the benefits of combining exercise and family time to create a healthier lifestyle. Beat the heat by trying some hydrating, homemade drink recipes—great for kids on the move and adults alike—on page 31.

Don’t forget to keep your pets cool and happy this summer. In “Pets Welcome Here”, on page 36, you can read about some of the many types of businesses, lodging, restaurants and more that welcome our four-legged (or other) friends with open arms. And guess who landed a spot in the Top 10 Cities for Dogs… check out page 37 to find out!

Stay cool, Tucson.