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Psychotherapy with Joan Silver

Joan Silver

Joan Silver is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist who provides counseling to individuals, couples and families. Therapy is a useful tool that can help with a range of issues, like anxiety, sleep, relationships and trauma, because it addresses not just the symptoms but also the causes of one’s “issues”. Psychological trauma can also trigger physical symptoms, like stomachaches, headaches, sleeping problems and ulcers.

“I know that going to therapy for the first time can be quite frightening since many of us grew up being told that ‘private’ stuff shouldn’t be discussed outside the family, especially with a perfect stranger,” says Silver. “The best thing about dealing with your own stuff is that, if you have kids, it helps you teach them a better way. Look how many decades later we’re still dealing with the fallout of that ‘private’ method.”

The most serious drawback of “stuffing” feelings and traumas is that they can pile up and explode later. Many people avoid talking about their feelings; however, repressing or ignoring one’s feelings doesn’t make the feelings go away. One of the benefits of therapy is that the client receives a “new pair of glasses” which helps in understanding self and others. Therapy is different for everyone, however research shows that it’s incredibly effective in helping people manage their lives.

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