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Guidebook for Self-Care and Spiritual Seekers Now Available

Author JC Cochrane recently released Temporarily Closed, a fresh, comprehensive guidebook designed for not only beginners but also seasoned self-care and spiritual seekers, available on The book is a standalone guidebook as well as a companion to Cochrane’s 2016 memoir, Eleven Days, chronicling her own spiritual maintenance.

Cochrane is not the first author to share the obvious—we often don’t spend enough time on ourselves. As our lives unfold, they seem to pick up pace, and when exploring careers, having families, getting married, divorced, becoming sick or well, setting goals, losing loved ones, finding new friends, getting hurt, etc., we can lose track of our sacred selves in both the good times and bad.

We know that eating right, resting, staying calm, meditating, working out, doing yoga, sleeping well, setting intentions and goals, getting educated or seeking advice from those who have the information to help us along are all good ideas, yet the busyness in our lives halts the unfolding of our sacred selves, again and again. Here, Cochrane gives us a simple version of how to temporarily close for self-care and spiritual maintenance.

In her memoir, Eleven Days (also available on Amazon), Cochrane tells the story of how she went “from 35 million to food stamps”. Her family went from living in a gated home perched on a mountaintop in Tucson, to life in a beat-up rental, without job security and on food stamps. Thanks to her many readers and their Amazon reviews/comments, questions via email and social media, Cochrane was inspired to create the guidebook, Temporarily Closed, where she shows how she got grounded during that difficult time.

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