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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Gateway of Light Center Opening

Opening in September, Integrated Health’s Gateway of Light at Grapevine Oasis borders historic and sacred Cochise Stronghold National Park, in Pearce. The center is a great location for seminars, yoga, gatherings, special events and weddings, with a large meeting/conference space, restaurant and newly renovated casitas for lodging of guests. The spiritual retreat space has incredible views and vistas with a high energy.

Integrated Health Corporation, a nonprofit organization, aims to facilitate healthy lifestyle changes for individuals who seek to take the next step spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. They are creating sustainable communities such as Gateway of Light at Grapevine Oasis, to raise the awareness of humanity and to educate visitors about living a healthy lifestyle through the foods we eat, daily exercises to create healthy habits, efficacious ways of handling stressful situations and being in balance with the Earth, community and ourselves.

Integrated Health’s teaching programs include: the benefits of organic food; how to grow our own food economically and easily; proper diet/nutrition based on an individual’s body type; how our thoughts control our reality; and how to have an abundant and satisfying life through a shift in consciousness and transforming old subconscious programming. Their healing programs include all holistic healing modalities for numerous health issues plaguing society today.

Location: 1092 West Highland Rd., Pearce. For more information call 520-720-0270, 412-296-0321, or visit