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Years of Therapy in One Ayahuasca Brew

Aug 28, 2018 11:19PM

Is it possible to receive 10 to 20 years of therapy in an afternoon? Also known as “The Vine of the Soul,” Ayahuasca is an indigenous brew that has been making its way into the Western world for quite some time. It is an ancient and medicinal healing plant that originates and grows in the Amazonian regions of South America. Some participants report Ayahuasca as having major benefits reducing symptoms of PTSD, depression, anxiety and addiction. This particular plant is also a decoction that may be useful in the treatment of some types of cancer.

Ayahuasca is a master teacher and has an innate ability to bring our blind spots or our shadows to the surface to consciously be acknowledged through self-compassion and forgiveness. Many participants report that a deep sense of inner gratitude tends to follow each drink session. Undeniably, the Madre works with us to give us exactly what we need during and after the time we sit with her.

Those who receive optimal benefits from using Ayahuasca typically have clarity in regards to their healing needs, as well as a deep desire to go within to find their own answers. Preparation is highly recommended before sitting with the indigenous brew. Meditation, yoga, connecting with nature and inner child work are just a few ways in which we can prepare for our experience.

The integration process takes place after the experience. Integration is the process of taking what we’ve learned while applying it to our lives in caring, self-loving ways to become the best that we can be.

Jewels Foster and Danielle McFarlin are intuitive, experienced and dedicated holistic practitioners at Inner Journeys, providing a safe and supportive environment to those who are considering taking their first or subsequent drink. They are committed to offering ongoing individual and group support for the long haul. Connect at 520-214-1404 or [email protected]. See ad, page 35.

Disclaimer: Ayahuasca is a potentially illegal substance, and the practitioners at Inner Journeys do not encourage or condone the use of this substance where it is against the law.

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