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Cannabis Corner: ACDC

Oct 01, 2018 06:20PM

Welcome to the Cannabis Corner. Each month Natural Awakenings will center-stage a specific strain of marijuana in order to help readers who struggle with finding the best strain for them and their particular symptoms.

There are literally thousands of different varieties of marijuana. Certainly, some groundwork will need to be done on the patients’ part, including their own research, asking questions and being their own health advocate. Know that there are trained customer service representatives, referred to as Budtenders, at medicinal marijuana dispensaries willing to assist.

Natural Awakenings will interview local growers and budtenders and find out which strains are selling best and for what symptoms they are treating. This month’s focus is on a strain of marijuana that’s fantastic for the beginner: ACDC. This strain was chosen to debut in this first Cannabis Corner because of the high level of CBD, or Cannabidiol, the medicinal agent in marijuana.


This strain of marijuana doesn’t have the same effect on the body as the rock band by the same name. In contrast, it’s quite mild and very popular with new patients because of the many medicinal qualities without the euphoric “mind-high”. This is because of the higher levels of CBD and the lower levels of THC.

ACDC offers the patient a relaxed state and brings about feelings of happiness. It’s known for the ability to help with focusing and concentration, while maintaining an uplifting and energetic state. Medicinally, ACDC is primarily used for pain and stress relief. It helps the body combat inflammation and can help with depression and headaches. Dry mouth is the biggest side effect.

ACDC is available at Earth’s Healing Dispensary, conveniently located at 2075 E. Benson Hwy. and 78 W. River Rd., in Tucson. For more information, visit
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