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Raising Consciousness with Spiritual Energy Transformation

Johanna W. Alley, owner of Spiritual Energy Transformation, works by appointment to assist clients in raising consciousness with the help of tuning forks. By adding these four different tuning fork sets—pineal gland, two-fork set of 8hz and 13hz for tuning DNA, 528hz and four forks to tune to Lemurian frequency—personal sessions are being taken to a new level of effectiveness. In addition, energy work, Matrix Energetics, past/parallel/future life investigation, high frequency crystals, energy releasing breath work, eDNA work and more are assisting clients to see much quicker and more profound insights and healing experiences.

“The earth and her people are going through difficult times as Gaia and the Higher Light Workers take us through these recent and current years of working to raise our consciousness to the next level,” explains Alley. “Many are confused and suffering as this change is happening and are seeking help to understand what part they play and how to raise their own vibration so this change is faster and easier on all.”

The DNA tuning forks were used on participants in a group meditation and all experienced deeper altered states and higher connections to each other and other benevolent energies in the room. These tools may also assist many others in having deeper experiences during a session to receive relevant insights and information from Guides, Angels and other loving energies that join the session, on what needs to be done to move forward in life with more peace, confidence and love.

Location: 1635 E. Lind Rd., Tucson. For more information, call 520-370-1306, email [email protected] or visit

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