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Immunity Boosting and Anti-Aging Hormone Yoga

Nov 01, 2018 05:47PM ● By Lydie Vagnerova

When people meet Dinah Rodrigues, they usually cannot believe her age. This 91-year-old lady has better posture, a healthier glow and more energy and vitality than most people 50 years younger than her.

Rodrigues is a Brazilian professor of psychology and the creator of Hormone Yoga. Her practice is about 30 years old, and consists of a series of dynamic asanas, pranayama (abdominal breathing) and relaxation. She has conducted many studies to prove the effectiveness of hormone yoga, but she herself is the best example.

Most people her age present with a slouched posture that leads to shallow breathing. Older people commonly have decreased immunity that is not connected to age as much as it is to postural changes and decreased physical activity. Small children breathe naturally through their bellies, but as we age, we lose that healthy habit.

In these modern times, we are exposed to daily stress, prolonged sitting, slouching in cars, in front of the TV or computer, and a lack of physical activity. The combination of all these factors, along with “sucking our belly in” to look slimmer and trim leads to shallow breathing and therefore an increase of stress.

As our postures change to a slouched position, our bodies and minds perceive that as a stressed, “fight or flight” response. Our breath naturally becomes shallow, deepening the stress response and increasing production of the stress hormone cortisol. Prolonged exposure to stress increases inflammation and compromises overall well-being and immunity.

There is no question about the health benefits of yoga for flexibility, stress reduction and mind-body connection. Hormone Yoga, however, is a completely different level of yoga. One of the most important components of Hormone Yoga is “bastrika”, abdominal breathing combined with rhythmic movement. This modality helps to massage important glands including the thymus, an important part of the lymphatic system. T-cells are the thymus gland’s specialty, helping us fight viruses, foreign invaders and bacteria.

Abdominal breathing combined with movements helps to move lymph fluid, return it into the circulatory system and improve immunity. It helps to stimulate relaxation response, balance our neuro-vegetative system, relieve pain and decrease heart beat and high blood pressure.

Hormone Yoga is a unique practice that helps balance hormonal levels and relieve many hormone related issues including PMS, infertility, PCOS, insomnia, stress, anxiety, hot flashes, hypothyroidism and more.

Lydie Vagnerova is a certified teacher of Hormone Yoga by Dinah Rodrigues—among only a few teachers in the U.S. certified to teach this practice. Vagnerova suffered with hypothyroidism for 27 years and was on high dose of hormones. After one year of practicing hormone yoga, she has been off medication for a year and a half. During three years of practicing hormone yoga, she never had any colds, flus or any inflammatory issues. Call 520-822-7397 to schedule an appointment or visit to see class schedule. See ad, page 29. 

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