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Help the Immune System Function Properly with Diet

Nov 01, 2018 05:40PM ● By Sherman R. Springfield

As humans, and mostly in our healthy state, we do a pretty good job of fighting most disease-causing microorganisms. We are able to defend ourselves against sickness and disease by way of our immune systems, without which, we would be in serious trouble and nonexistent.

The immune system in our body is made up of many cells, tissues, our organs and, most importantly, white blood cells that seek out and destroy the disease-causing organisms or substances that are constantly invading our bodies. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill to rev up our immune system in the way we would like, but there are healthy life changes and diet guidelines that can help.

The immune system is exactly that—a system. This system is very complex and requires a great deal of care, balance and harmony. General healthy strategies like exercise, diet and keeping stress under control are an absolute must. By following obvious guidelines, we can make a difference in our own immunities.

We can protect our immune system by not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, limiting alcohol, exercising, getting
 adequate sleep, avoiding infections with proper hand washing and handling stress as well as possible.

There are some ways in which a healthy diet and lifestyle can have a big impact on a healthy immune system. Good nutrition can help in our quest toward a healthy immune system. There are foods that have been linked to having positive improvements on immune system functions. Some foods have strong properties that can benefit different areas of the immune system such as our heart, which obviously plays a huge role in the health and immune system in general.

Most of the best foods for immune support are plant-based foods, which have a strong reputation and seem to support a healthy lifestyle. There are other important key areas that contribute to a strong immune system such as keeping healthy gut bacteria within our GI tract. Other foods even act as natural antibiotics helping to keep disease at bay. 

A diet high in fruits and vegetables should keep plaque buildup away from the arteries and help maintain a healthy heart. There are many probiotic foods to keep the digestive system healthy, such as fermented sauerkrauts and kimchi, plus a wide assortment of yogurts and kefirs that have powerful amounts of healthy beneficial bacteria. Foods that protect against free radicals and serve as natural disease-fighters include garlic, onion and ginger, which are considered superfoods and are some of the strongest antioxidants.

We only get our one body, so we need to care for it with all we have. Proper care and healthy nutrition will pay off in the long run.

Sherman R. Springfield, of Springfield Coaching, is very passionate about nutrition and offers consultations on how to develop a healthy diet plan and put it into practice. He also works with children, teaching about health and weight loss for a positive start in their lives. Connect at 520-599-1089 or

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