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Get an Inspection before that Holiday Road Trip

Tucson’s One Stop Automotive would like to remind readers to be safe on family road trips this holiday season by getting a pre-trip inspection. Whether loading up the family truckster and driving to a favorite vacation spot or taking a long road trip to visit family for the holidays, it’s important to take the car in for an inspection before a long trip.

These days our lives are filled with so many tasks that sometimes we forget about the smaller things, like a pre-trip inspection. This can put us, our family and even the planet at risk. Not having our tires properly rotated, inflated and aligned is the number one cause for decreased fuel economy, and increased emissions. It can also lead to vibrations and increased stopping distances, which can be very dangerous.

Also commonly overlooked are lights and wiper blades. It might be sunny and warm where we’re going, but consider the conditions on the drive there. Inoperative lights can be disastrous when traveling through dust storms or fog. Inadequate wiper blades can cause a loss of vision in heavy rain or snow.

For more information and to set up a pre-trip inspection, call 520-571-1811 or email [email protected].

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