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Arizona Vision Therapy Center

Jan 02, 2019 04:55PM

Dr. Amy Thomas

Arizona Vision Therapy Center

Dr. Amy Thomas

6602 E Carondelet Dr, Tucson



We are fascinated by how the brain affects everything that we do. It not only has the ability to control what we pay attention to, but also helps us hold ourselves in the most efficient posture and move in the most efficient way. When the brain is struggling, we suffer from random problems like dizziness, nausea and discomfort with bright lights and loud noises. We struggle with reading and driving comfortably. It even affects our social interactions involving eye contact and keeping up with the conversation when other stimuli tries to distract us from what the other person is saying.

We have the ability to change the brain to allow it to take in and organize information in such a way that our senses and actions become much more automatic so we can enjoy all experiences more. Once the brain is in balance, there tends to be much more peace at home and school. Since 2009, Arizona Vision Therapy Center has helped numerous patients see more clearly and comfortably with careful attention to their specific needs. These patients have benefited from both Vision Therapy and Therapeutic Lens Therapy and are now reading, writing and learning more comfortably and enjoying life more thoroughly.

Dr. Amy Thomas, OD, FCOVD, has spent over a decade studying the connections between the brain, body and vision. It all began (though she did not know it) when she was in Elementary School. She could never seem to learn very well by just reading. She did not realize at the time that she had something called Convergence Insufficiency—a problem that is found in 1 in 4 children that involves problems attending to visual information within arm’s reach—or that it was easy to treat. She started her own personal treatment for this in optometry school in Oregon.

After she graduated from optometry school, she was able to work with brain injury patients in the Army and see how vision problems could so dramatically impact a person’s life. After that, she took every class and course that she could find on Vision Therapy for vision and learning, sports vision, vision after brain injuries and sensory integration, to learn as much as possible about how to treat vision problems. With the knowledge she learned from these schools, she can more fully treat people who suffer from vision problems themselves.

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