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Genesis Natural Medicine Center: Dr. Butch Levy

Jan 02, 2019 04:55PM

Dr. Butch Levy

Genesis Natural Medicine Center

Dr. Butch Levy

3920 N Campbell Ave, Tucson

520-495-4400 •


Dr. Butch Levy is able to provide patients with a unique and personalized perspective on complex multi-system illnesses including cognitive impairment, autoimmune diseases and supportive cancer care. The Asian paradigm of healing has developed a unique concept—hidden or lurking infections—and after his own personal encounter with Lyme disease, it also has become an area of interest. Genesis Natural Medicine Center is excited to welcome him as the newest practitioner on staff.

After receiving his medical degree from SUNY Buffalo and becoming licensed in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Levy founded and developed two practices which successfully treated patients in Colorado using the best of what both Eastern and Western medicine has to offer. Using his distinct viewpoint based on four decades of clinical experience, his individualized alternative treatments encompass his diverse skillset.

Levy believes that while western medical treatment is often an essential for severe diseases, little is available for restorative care to reestablish the body’s balance, harmony and recovery. By adding Japanese acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas, nutritional supplementation and diet as a complement to traditional medicine, the goal is to offer the best of both worlds.

The integration of Japanese acupuncture into his treatment methods gives Levy an edge over just utilizing his expertise as a medical doctor. Patients should expect an abdominal palpation assessment and a very gentle treatment. The beginnings of the Japanese unique approach to acupuncture came in the 1760s when the Shogun deemed that acupuncture should be practiced by the blind. Still today, many practitioners are sightless, so this approach focuses on a palpatory exam of the meridian highways, thereby adding information that comes from a direct connection to the patient. Herbal therapies are also based on a palpatory exam of the abdomen, which reveals via muscular tensions the needed principal herb family for treatment.

Levy adds this experience and professionalism to the established wellness center celebrating its sixth year serving the community. Genesis Natural Medicine Center also offers naturopathic physicians who address a wide range of patient concerns including hormones, cancer care, chronic illness and general nutrition; a chiropractor; acupuncturist; two massage therapists who can offer pain relief, lymphatic massage and support for pre- and post-surgery; facials and ultrasound therapy; medical marijuana certifications; and an infrared sauna.

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