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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Medicine Wheel Dental and Wellness Center

Jan 02, 2019 04:55PM

Ken Glass and Steven Swidler

Medicine Wheel Dental and Wellness Center

4650 Jojoba Dr, Tucson

520-743-7101 •


Medicine Wheel Dental and Wellness Center is locally and nationally acclaimed as Tucson’s Premier Holistic and Biologic dental office for over 35 years. From its knowledgeable, caring staff to its calming and healing environment, the office is nestled in the beautiful Tucson Mountains and offers a wide array of unique services, products and programs, many of which are made available exclusively. Medicine Wheel Dental offers a one-of-a-kind, integrative approach to dentistry and wellness alike.

Dr. Steven Swidler, DDS is well known as a teacher, presenter, author and pioneer in holistic dentistry. Swidler is founder of Medicine Wheel Dental and Wellness Center, inventor of his patented “Percussion Table”, root canal prevention kit and one of the world’s only TMJ/Body Jaw Alignment programs. Swidler has a background in electro acupuncture (EAV), kinesiology, Cranial Sacral Osteopathy and biodynamic manual medicine, among many other well-known healing modalities.

Along with Swidler, Dr. Ken Glass, DDS has been an integral part of Medicine Wheel Dental for the last 10 years. Glass was in private practice for 15 years in Los Gatos, California, and worked closely with chiropractic and osteopathic mentors to integrate structural alignment into the field of dentistry. Glass is known for his precise attention to detail, excellent sense of humor and warm, genuine dedication to a positive experience.

Some services available at Medicine Wheel Dental and Wellness Center include: conscientious general dentistry; cosmetic dentistry, including veneers, shaping, bonding, tooth-colored fillings; the latest in compatible dental materials; safe protocols for mercury amalgam (silver fillings) removal; natural treatments to avoid root canals (exclusive to the office); nonmetal implants, crowns and bridges; noninvasive laser/periodontal gum treatment; non-surgical TMJ programs to relieve headaches, jaw, knee, shoulder, hip and back pain (exclusive to the office); as well as craniosacral, massage, yoga, acupuncture and more.

Their Dental VIP Membership Program offers patients huge savings on preventative care and dental services. Benefits include 15 to 20 percent savings on preventative dental services, 5 percent savings on restorative and cosmetic dental services and more.

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