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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Personal Patient Experience at Tucson SAINTS

For the past 6 years, Tucson SAINTS has been providing high quality cannabis to Arizona medical marijuana patients. With a fully operational indoor cultivation facility, staffed by 15 employees, it currently occupies 18,000 square feet of warehouse. Each separate room contains plants in various stages of their grow cycle.

What makes SAINTS facility stand out from other grow houses are the employees. “We are one big family here; we work as a team. We have a very tightknit group of growers and trimmers who work diligently to make the wonderful medicine we provide for our patients,” says Inventory Manager Katy Estrada.

Producing the absolute best flower is the mission of SAINTS. The plants are watered by hand and fed the highest quality nutrients to create the very best cannabis for the patients. By producing their own cannabis, SAINTS is able to keep their strains’ prices competitively low. Offering more than 40 strains such as SAINTS Dosidos, Cornerstone (tests as high as 27 percent), Purple Punch, Champa-Cheese (high CBD) and Blue Dream, there is a steady stream of high quality cannabis coming into the dispensary at all times.

Grower Brian Talvy’s favorite strain is Purple Punch. “It’s an incredibly beautiful and resinous plant, with vibrant purple colors. Her aroma is very sweet and reminds me of grape punch,” says Talvy. “Her yield is always fantastic, and she’s very pest- and disease-resistant. She really is a grower’s dream plant.”

Each Budtender at SAINTS has spent time working with the plants, so they know and can explain the process required to grow the wondrous crop. This provides a continuing education and appreciation for the plant. Each staff member, both at the grow and dispensary, is trained in growing, cultivating and dispensing to the patient.

By including every employee in the whole process, from seedling to growing to educating and helping the patient, SAINTS can achieve their motto to: “Always provide the best patient experience.”

Tucson SAINTS Dispensary is located at 112 S. Kolb Rd., Tucson. Connect at 520-886-1003 or [email protected]. See ad, page 63.