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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Dr. Jasmine May: Natural Healing Care Center

Jasmine May

2230 E Speedway, Ste 140 
[email protected]

Dr. Jasmine M. May has a decade of experience in eclectic naturopathic practice, preceded by more than a decade of study and training in the healing arts and sciences. She received her medical degree from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, followed by post-doctoral training in classical homeopathy with Joel Shepperd, MD, in Chicago, Illinois. She underwent an additional two-year training in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine. May has experience and advanced training in botanical medicine, mind/body therapies, energetic medicine, spiritual healing and hydrotherapy. 

In 2011, when the Arizona medical cannabis (marijuana) program got up and running, May was one of the pioneering physicians in Tucson to begin certifying qualified patients with the state for trials with medical cannabis. Many of the patients that May has seen over the past seven years for cannabis certification are looking for an alternative to conventional medical treatment; often they feel that trying medical cannabis is their last desperate option for pain management or for treatment of other troubling diagnoses. As a naturopathic physician well versed in natural therapeutics, May has a continual supply of alternative therapies—beyond cannabis versus pharmaceuticals—to offer patients who are determined to find their way back to health.

May understands that patients/individuals are powerful conduits of the healing spirit within us and around us—and more than capable of effecting positive change. She is shifting away from the old paradigm in medicine, wherein the physician is responsible for dictating to the patient, who is either compliant or non-compliant, what s/he must take to get better; wherein the doctor is in charge of the patient and knows what is going on with the patient’s own body better than the patient her/himself; wherein the patient is expected to trust the doctor to always know best.

May, although full of ideas, suggestions and treatment recommendations for her patients, prefers to listen deeply and attentively to individuals who come seeking help. She trusts that we all have an “inner knowingness” that can guide us via subtle or not so subtle clues toward wellness.  Her job is to facilitate that healing spirit to restore the health and joy that is our birthright. See ad, page 57.