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Natural Awakenings Tucson

Gayle Felbain: The Alexander Technique

Gayle Felbain

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Gayle Felbain is a newcomer to Tucson, bringing 35 years of practice and teaching worldwide. She offers the Alexander Technique, gentle, hands-on instruction that works through the neuromuscular system and the postural/alignment mechanism in the body. This technique addresses what it is we may be doing with ourselves in daily living that can be promoting or strengthening negative patterns, affecting our health and well-being, while simultaneously teaching us ways to change those patterns, and develop new and improved ones.

The more in balance and aligned the body is, the better it performs and the better it feels. Whether walking, sitting, cycling, working at a computer, playing an instrument or driving a car, we use our bodies to accomplish all our tasks and activities.

Many issues and problems that arise in the body can be a result of misalignment and yet, it is an often-overlooked area of health and wellness. Some parts overwork, others under work. This sets up incorrect patterns that can cause harm, deterioration, disease, pain and discomfort. Over time, these established patterns could interfere with the ability to function at optimal levels and cause long-term health problems, such as neck, back or joint issues, headaches and migraines. This work has been shown to work effectively with chronic pain and help reduce tension and stress.

The Alexander Technique facilitates the recognition of holding and habitual patterns in the body and movement, while concurrently learning how to release these patterns, and teaches the body/mind healthier patterns, leading to more ease, comfort and freedom. It improves posture, poise and coordination by developing good alignment, and thus improves the performance quality in whatever we do. See ad, page 16.