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Try Floating in Sound Waves at Cloud Nine Flotation

At Cloud Nine Flotation, a float and spiritual healing center, floating in a zero-gravity salt solution creates a synergy between us and water. Float solution is skin temperature and contains 800 pounds of dissolved Epsom salts, which amplifies its conductivity as frequencies travel through water. Since we are 75 percent water, these vibrations affect us.

      Cloud Nine is exploring the concept of allowing select vibrations to play in the float chamber, through the water, to enhance the float experience. This allows signals to imprint into the water via sound waves. The sounds are unique because they target specific perceptions of physical or emotional discomfort. Digital Homeopathy, the delivery of homeopathic sounds, is a technology still under research and development. By capturing the signature vibrations of actual substances in a unique device, subjects can listen to the sounds, rather than take the remedy.

In the month of January, Cloud Nine will be offering a limited sample of these sounds to patrons at no additional charge. With a paid float, clients will be offered an opportunity to experience a detoxification blend of sounds targeting a certain organ system. Those deciding to explore them will be asked to provide feedback afterward. If interested, please contact them immediately to reserve a spot.

Location: 2118 S. Avenida Planeta, Tucson. For more information, call 520-668-4017 or visit See ad, page 53.

Cloud Nine Flotation Center - 2118 S Avenida Planeta Tucson AZ

Cloud Nine Flotation Center - 2118 S Avenida Planeta, Tucson, AZ

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