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Very Special Alternatives: Vonnie Schultz Albrecht, RN

Vonnie Schultz Albrecht

Holistic Nurse and Colon Therapist

Very Special Alternatives was established in 1993 to provide skilled nursing services for local naturopathic and holistic physicians. After nearly a decade in “conventional” or “traditional” allopathic medicine, Vonnie Schultz Albrecht, RN steered her career direction to alternative and integrative medicine. Her eclectic experience as a registered nurse in emergency, critical care, flight and office settings provided fertile ground for opening her mind to a whole-being approach for health and well-being.

During her training as a chelation nurse, Albrecht soon understood that true traditional medicine was based in the broad, eclectic and ancient practices preserved through generations by many cultures and civilizations. She gained a firm belief that every person deserves the opportunity to know about and choose from the many avenues and philosophies. She enjoys a patient-centered approach and embraces collaboration with other healthcare providers to meet individual needs.

With almost 40 years in healthcare, Albrecht provides a special touch when administering intravenous infusions, ozone therapies or colon hydrotherapy. Her focus on colon hydrotherapy remains her top choice to improve the foundation for health and well-being. A warm, relaxing space creates a safe, reassuring environment for first-time clients or those who have been unhappy with sterile, clinical settings.

With her “Slow Flow” method for colon irrigation, Albrecht uses only a gentle flow of purified water into the large intestine and minimizes the use of pressure to cleanse the buildup of waste and restore natural function. Clients can also receive ozone insufflation and/or probiotic reflorastation as treatment options. A free 15-minute consultation is now available.

“Colonics are like taking your gut to the gym—think of it as water aerobics and a bath,” Albrecht says. “Routine care can facilitate efficient elimination, providing your body with a foundation for effective detoxification, improved immune function and health rejuvenation.” See ads, pages 3 and 19.